Spilled Milk Podcast episode 147: Caramel October 30, 2014

When I started this website I was able to use a Squarespace discount/offer code provided by my favorite podcast, Spilled Milk, so I sent the hosts a jar of caramel as a thank you. A few months later I was floored when I heard Matthew & Molly mention my caramel during this episode. I can now say I have actually cried over Spilled Milk (groan):

Molly, Matthew and the Maillard Reaction presents an ooey, gooey, sticky adventure of the burnt sugar variety. Caramel is cheap and simple, yet impressive, kind of like the Spilled Milk Podcast. Where we stand on the Great Salted Caramel Debate comes up as well as safety tips while listening to this podcast. Hard and hot is always the way to go.

The Valley Table, winter 2018: Winter Farmers' Market Finds

COLD WEATHER IS PRIMETIME for eating. We’ve gathered some of our favorite locally made products to beat the winter chill—and to share with loved ones this holiday season.
Ardent Homesteader Caramel Sauce
From a humble homestead in Arden comes this versatile, small-batch caramel sauce. Whether using in cookies, pie or another favorite family recipe, this five-ingredient dessert sauce is great for holiday baking needs.
Blooming Hill Farm Market; $15/12-oz jar

radio interview from The Accidental Locavore june 2017 

Orange Magazine February/March 2016

Orange Magazine December/January 2016

(from the article on "26 great gifts created by local artisans" by Beth Kalet)

radio interview (starts at 13:05) from Fork This with IntoxiKate April 2015 (starts at 13:05)