In 2016 we raised pigs for ourselves and a neighbor; the following year we raised extra to sell. We offered four half shares and found providing folks with humanely raised meat so fulfilling that we are going to continue on a small scale. 

While the breed of pig may vary (we are currently raising Large Blacks), all are raised on pasture & woodlands, with their diet supplemented by our own grass-fed milk, local corn & oats from C Rowe & Sons Farm, and pre-consumer food scraps from Dottie Audrey's Bakery/Kitchen. They are USDA processed at Hilltown Pork Inc, cryopacked and labeled.

We sell the shares by the half pig at $6/lb hanging weight, with a $100 deposit due at the time of your order. The half share will contain a variety of cuts, including:

  • smoked ham (split)
  • spare ribs
  • 1" chops (2/pack)
  • lard
  • butt (split)
  • sweet Italian sausage (linked)
  • smoked bacon

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For more information please email kristin@ardenthomesteader.com.